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2015-06-29Recent Podcast Interviews - Catch up on Pat's recent interviews and radio performances

Nova with Pat James
BBC Radio Ulster with Colum Sands

LMFM with Gerry Kelly
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Nova with Pat James

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New CityJam Video

Pat's brand new album CityJam has arrived. Check out the new video.

About Pat

Pat Coldrick's session work and classical appearances have earned him a reputation of being one of the finest and most versatile guitarists in Ireland. As well as his touring performances, he has appeared on National Radio and T.V. and has studied with world renowned guitarists David Russell and Gabriel Esterellas. Pat has achieved worldwide acclaim for his unique sensitive and expressive style in his playing.



I just wanted to send a quick message, as I have been listening the the new album for a few days now and had a good chance to live with the music and form a view. Plenty of other people have spoken far more eloquently than I could about the merits of CityJam, so I will keep it brief. To be honest, I did have my doubts initially that you could possibly surpass Cayendo, which became an instant guitar album favourite of mine as soon as I played it. However, I have been completely knocked sideways by the scope, vision and sheer quality of the performances and productions on CityJam. The effect of putting your interpretations of several “standards” alongside your own contemporary, full-on 21st Century classical guitar works was to make me really listen to these familiar pieces as if for the first time....instead of just “hearing them for the 500th time” in another compendium of the same old same old. I don't know whether that was intentional, but I know you always speak about your misssion to drag classical guitar out of the past and into the here and now. Boy, have you done that with this album. When I sat down with the headphones on and immersed myself in “Antarctica” or the title track, I had a strange but also familiar feeling about the experience. Then I realised that it was like listening to some of my favourite rock music compositions and bands. Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk and even the ambient soundscapes of Brian Eno came to mind in the way the music develops, builds and completely envelopes the listener.....and no, I wasn't smoking anything herbal either haha ! Using your guitar as a solo instrument but also as an audio tool which adds mood and texture to the whole soundstage is such an innovation in my opinion. The impact of the whole album is as if you and producer Peter Eades are saying:- “Look – this is classical guitar as we all know it so far...and of course we love and respect that legacy.........but THIS is also classical guitar and the way it can be in a contemporary setting. It is not something stuck in a museum for the select few who act like curators. It is here and now and alive. It needs to breathe and stretch or it WILL get left behind in that museum”. Anyway, I said I would keep it brief, so I will leave it at that. Kind regards, James